PiKVM V3 Pre-assembled

Quick Start Guide


  • PiKVM v3.3 Pre-Assembled
  • ATX adapter board with motherboard interface wiring
  • A 32 GB MicroSD card pre-imaged with the PiKVM software

What you will need

To use PiKVM v3 PA, the following accessories will be required:

  • A 5.1v 3A power supply with USB-C
  • A cable or adapter to connect the video output of your controlled device to PiKVM’s HDMI input
  • A USB-C to USB-A or USB-C cable with DATA lines for keyboard and mouse emulation
  • An Ethernet cable for network connectivity

Hardware connections

1. Connect HDMI to the PiKVM and the other end to the controlled device

2. Connect USB-C to PiKVM and the other end to the controlled device (USB-A or USB-C as needed)

3. Connect to your local network by connecting an Ethernet cable to the PiKVM’s Ethernet port and connect the other end to your network router or switch.

Powering up

4. Plug power into PiKVM
Connect the USB-C cable from the power adaptor to the USB-C port labeled “PWR” on the PiKVM.

5. Plug the power adapter to the wall
Connect the AC to USB-C power adaptor to a power outlet.

You are done!

If everything is connected correctly, you should see the below:

The GREEN LED should shine a solid green.

The ACT LED will flash red intermittently as the device runs.

When powered on and booted, the OLED will show various information (like IP address, uptime, etc.)


Open a browser and enter your IP address. You should see this screen:

Type default access credentials (admin/admin).

We highly recommend you change them, see the full guide linked below!

For advanced settings please see the Full guide.

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