Based on the Raspberry Pi 4, the PIKVM Pre-Assembled Edition is a scalable and production-ready solution that allows you to manage servers or workstations remotely.
    A cost-effective solution for data-centers, IT departments or remote machines!

PiKVM V3 Key Features

Power it up and you are ready to go!
The software is already preinstalled
Low bandwidth usage with only ~6Mbps for Full-HD!
Supports high-efficiency H264 and MJPEG video compression for compatibility
User-Friendly Interface
Forget about old JAVA plugins, your favorite web browser will do!
ATX controller
Switch the machine on or off, reset it, and monitor power & storage LED activity remotely

Advanced Features

Open-Source software
Tweak the code and add plugins tailored to your needs!
Bootable Virtual CD-ROM & Flash Drive
You can boot the remote machine using any OS image thanks to the virtual drive feature
Real-time clock with rechargeable Super Capacitor
Connect the PiKVM unit to the console server to have emergency access to it – just like any other professional network equipment
API & Integration
With the powerful HTTP API, IPMI BMC/SoL or Redfish interfaces, control and automate your PiKVM fleet! Integrate PiKVM into your existing infrastructure, manage the server’s power and access the serial port over LAN
OLED display
See the name, IP address, temperature, CPU load, and uptime
Serial console
Connect to the PiKVM console port to reconfigure locally, just like with any other professional network equipment

How is PiKVM different?

PiKVM is very different from the “industry standard” commercial KVM over IP solutions:

  • No ugly browser plugins or applets – only open Web standards.
  • No license restrictions or paywalls – GPLv3!
  • No weird proprietary software – Linux and our open-source code inside.
  • Our own super fast video streaming server!
  • The most cost effective (and feature-rich) solution!


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